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It\'s all in the mind! Author: Steve Pervy
(Added on Jan 17, 2006) (This month 292022 readers) (Total 460185 readers)
A predatory pervert learns hypnosis,then practices his new art on an innocent, unsuspecting young mother and her teenage daughters.

Ratings and Reviews:
Number of Ratings: 18
13 Votes
13 Votes
13 Votes
13 Votes
13 Votes
13 Votes
13 Votes
4 Votes 13 Votes
4 Votes 13 Votes
4 Votes 13 Votes
1 Vote 4 Votes 13 Votes
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0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 6% 0% 22% 72%
Weighed Average (?): (9.5/10)
Average Rating: (10/10)
Highest Rating: (10/10)
Lowest Rating: (7/10)

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Reviewer: needing2pleaseu (Edit) Rating: Apr 8, 2010
I loved it I wish some one like you would have gotten togeather with our mom (10/10)

Reviewer: pauljones (Edit) Rating: Sep 6, 2008
This story goes from strength to strength, always developing the plot line in a credible way. Nothing too soon, nothing too extreme. Writing skills are technically brilliant; erotic, entertaining, credible. More please! (10/10)

Reviewer: jrnd711 (Edit) Rating: Jun 29, 2008
Very well written. (10/10)

Reviewer: alsub (Edit) Rating: Mar 8, 2008
One of the best I have read in a really long time. MC when written correctly is a great way and subject to write and you really got it right! Nice job, now you just cant make us wait so long! (10/10)

Reviewer: zakaluka (Edit) Rating: Dec 24, 2007
Fantastic story with great character development and atmosphere. Glad to see that the MC genre is alive and well. (10/10)

Reviewer: mkemse (Edit) Rating: Dec 22, 2007
i found this story amazingly hot despite the age of some of the charactors (9/10)

Reviewer: wrongway24 (Edit) Rating: Oct 25, 2007
Enjoyable story and please do continue with it as I want to know what happens in the story. (9/10)

Reviewer: SlvTrayner (Edit) Rating: Aug 22, 2007
Outstanding balance between reluctance and urgent willingness of all the female submissive characters based on hypnosis releasing their subconscious desires. Good graduated build up of "victims" desires for more and more control by the narrator. (10/10)

Reviewer: MIKEY100 (Edit) Rating: Jul 17, 2007
Once again, BRAVO! You are one the best writers on this or any website. I'm tired of having to sift through so many lousy stories just to get to very few really good ones. All of those "sub meets Dom online" crap. Boring. I'm just not into the way too many F/m or M/m stories. I just wish the good ones didn't take soooo long to get posted. Having said all of that, this particular story has so much potential as far as which direction it could go or better, will go. I really like the development of Sally getting punished with the prospect of it becoming more public. Please write more. And soon! (10/10)

Reviewer: ElectricBadger (Edit) Rating: May 8, 2007
Another really great chapter, glad to see you writing again. Good work technically and a great story with lots of interesting situations, keep it coming! (10/10)

Reviewer: Guiller (Edit) Rating: Nov 18, 2006
Please dont make us wait soooo long between chaptersˇˇ (10/10)

Reviewer: Massen (Edit) Rating: Sep 6, 2006
Exellent in contents and in written. More of it please (10/10)

Reviewer: Bear (Edit) Rating: Aug 23, 2006
Well written and very erotic descriptions. I just loved reading it and I hope more will be posted soon. (10/10)

Reviewer: napig_666 (Edit) Rating: Jun 20, 2006
I'm glad to see that "Hypno Happiness" still exists. Some of the characters are in my opinion a bit too shallow. Thats definitely okay for a little girl like Sandra, but I think that Helen and especially Sally should be more resisting. Although weak characters are essential for a mc story, it gets more and more monotonous. In the moment it's like "Hey Sally, there's a group of men waiting outside. Go and please them for me and give me the cash" and Sally would, after very short consideration, just do it.
The idea of using the neighbours is - considered under this aspect - very thrilling.
However, in terms of language, grammer and expressions the story is - in my eyes of a non-native speaker - very very well written and I think that you're amongst the finest authors on this site. Being a reader from the first chapter on, i was always "pleased as Punch" as i have seen a new chapter.
Trying to be objective, i would give (8/10), but considering my personal liking i'll give

Reviewer: jip (Edit) Rating: Mar 3, 2006
Excellent story, interesting evolution. The good mixture of mind and reality. Even when it is a fiction, it is not exagerated in a way that it becomes unbelievable. Well done. You deserve a 10! (10/10)

Reviewer: chksng19 (Edit) Rating: Feb 2, 2006
Still a fine story and plot line, after the revision. congrats on the good job (9/10)

Reviewer: Mermaid Master (Edit) Rating: Jan 28, 2006
A bit on the tame side but very well done. (7/10)

Reviewer: FatMaster (Edit) Rating: Jan 20, 2006
Love it, cant wait for thr next chapter (9/10)

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